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No Place for Hate Day

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No Place for Hate Day

May 11 is No Place for Hate Day! 

Join us for No Place for Hate Day on May 11. Our theme for this year is "Proud to be an Ally."

For over 20 years, No Place for Hate, a student-led K-12 school climate improvement program, has helped build learning communities of inclusivity, respect and equity. 

Join us Thursday, May 11 to acknowledge the hard work of students, educators, parents and the entire community by taking over social media with your inspiring stories of acting as an ally and using the hashtag #NoPlaceForHate.

Here's the plan: show up online on Thursday, May 11, 2023 and follow these 3 steps:


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BE CREATIVE! Post a photo or brief video with a caption that answers this prompt: Tell us about a time when you were proud to be an ally. When sharing your story, please do not name anybody by name and do not tag anybody in your post. We ask this because acting as an ally can sometimes be complicated and our priority is to protect people’s privacy and anonymity.

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When posting, tag ADL’s national social media accounts by including the following handles:

Facebook: @anti.defamation.league

Instagram: @adl_national

Twitter: @ADL

No Place For Hate


Include #NoPlaceForHate in your caption.  For Instagram stories, we've created a No Place for Hate sticker - just search NPFH! You can also find our brand new No Place for Hate Snapchat lens for students 13 years and older.

Join schools across the country as students, educators and families take over the Internet with inspiring stories of how No Place for Hate is helping students to act as allies.

See you online on May 11th!